The Fastest Way to Meet a Soulmate


After using the Law of Attraction to manifest a soulmate within a few short months, I learned the fastest way to induce soulmate discovery.

My journey started with a heartbreaking adventure with a karmic soulmate earlier this year. I had never had a broken heart, but now I know why they call it that. It literally felt painful in my heart like someone had ripped it open. It also didn’t seem to have much to do with the other person. I knew our decision was for the best, and the relinquished possibility of ever having romance with that person was what we mutually decided we wanted. I wanted this. Why the heck did it hurt so bad? The days and nights of throbbing pulsating heart pain, crying alone in my bed, and somehow feeling like all this turmoil was for nothing went on for about two weeks. Then I started to get curious.

HuggingSelfWoman2I knew that I had to live with myself no matter what I had done, no matter how I had treated the other person whom I still cared for or how they had treated me, no matter what, I still had to love myself even when the other person couldn’t.


I’ve had over ten years of experience in the holistic field. I knew about the Law of Attraction and I decided I wanted to use it to find a true love soulmate. I did loads of my own research on the types of soulmates and how to manifest one into your life. I knew from this point on, I was looking for a Twin Flame soulmate, not the Karmic soulmate kind here to teach you lessons that are usually no fun so that you can become a better person for it.

Only two to three months later, I discovered a wonderful soulmate with whom the coincidences, the things we have in common, attraction towards each other, and the way we help each other in our lives through positive personal growth, is uncanny.

So what happened?


HuggingSelfWomanThrough my journey the most powerful empowering thing I learned was greater self love. It sounds so simple and makes so much sense, but can be quite a learning adventure when you’re going through the transformational journey into greater alignment with self love. The more you are able to love yourself, the more fulfilling your external loves will become and the easier it will be to find them. I’ve found quite a few soulmates since I’ve learned this lesson and embody it in my life. Soulmates don’t just have to be lovers, they can also be friends, teachers, business partners, and so forth.

Here are some facets of self love~

HuggingSelfManSelf Assertiveness~Part of self assertiveness is being clear about what you want and making definite decisions instead of being indecisive in an attempt to “leave your options open.”
Honesty~Being honest about your feelings toward both yourself and others.
Appreciation~If you don’t appreciate you, no one else can, even if they say they do, you won’t believe them 100%, even if they actually do appreciate you.
Self Care~Spending time alone, pampering yourself, and treating yourself like your own lover.
Become Your Own Ideal Lover~When you are living in the frequency of the kind of lover you would like to have, you will bring them in more easily. For instance, if you’re looking for someone who has lots of $, where’s your $ at? If you’re looking for a respectable person who doesn’t cause drama, why are you dating around with less than satisfying people who give you trouble?

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