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SpaceBackgroundThe idea behind the Inspirational Newsfeed is that here is a gallery full of inspirational images I’ve found on my Facebook Newsfeed. They’re set to appear at random.
Sit quietly, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask it a question. Open your eyes and see if the perfect message appears for you. Hover over the images. You may press pause to linger on any image a bit longer.

I love synchronicity!

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If you had a profound experience with the Inspirational Newsfeed, please leave a response in the box below. I do not use the info you leave here for other purposes.
Thank you so much for sharing this gift with me!

2 Responses to Inspirational Newsfeed

  1. The ghost with the meat one – Love!!! LOL

  2. The guilt one resonated, total synch! OK, so as the founder of Aphrodite University who just did something that felt like a mega guilt trigger (I just notifying one of our High Priestess Professors that it wasn’t a fit, even though I have known her for many lifetimes and felt super guilty for letting her go! But I had to let her go in order to honor my Sacred No and feminine intuition, yikes!). This was the medicine I needed to read, because even though I am running a beautiful goddess organization, there are times where I have to make decisions that bring up pain for people and myself, and it’s not the energy I want to spend much time with. So thanks for the reminder to let it go!

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