Fear of Being Seen Syndrome

Being Seen

Do you have it?

I used to. I didn’t know it.
It wasn’t until I got over it that I realized how much it was hindering my life.

How is your life?
Are you making all the $ you desire? Do you have all the friends you desire to connect with? Do you have the romantic partner of your dreams?

Is Fear of Being Seen Syndrome getting in your way?

Disclaimer: This blog gives no professional medical, psychological, or therapeutic advice or diagnosis.

★ Do you worry about what other people are going to think of you?
★ Do you hesitate before sharing something about yourself in a group?
★ Do you feel self conscious about appearing in public or sharing your talents and your gifts into the world?
★ Are you afraid that people are not going to like or approve of you?
★ Do you find yourself modulating your behavior for someone else to make them happy even when it feels out of alignment with what your heart really wants you to do?
★ Do you find yourself being over helpful or too nice to people who end up sucking your energy or taking advantage of you in the end?
★ Does the thought of quitting an unfulfilling “day job” to discover your true heart and soul’s calling in the world scare you?
★ Are you afraid that you’re not able to make a fulfilling financial living doing your hobbies and activities that you love the most?
★ Are you worried that you can’t do something because you don’t know how?
★ Do you feel your self esteem is getting in your own way even if you feel like you have good self esteem?
★ Do others frequently speak to you in a way that might hurt your feelings?
★ Are you passive to avoid conflict and leave the situation still feeling sad or angry?

When you are afraid of letting your true self shine through your heart and soul and be seen in the world, the symptoms can affect more areas of your life than you know-
career, love life, finances, family relations, social life. If you don’t have the life you want, you may actually be repelling it by hiding… hiding inside your heart.
Where did it come from? Does it feel like a virus? How did you catch it?

It may have come from your life before your current present moment.
For example, I was always the smallest kid in class growing up and other kids used to make fun of me, just because I was “short.” People used to mistake me for being too young and they would grossly underestimate me.  I remember getting hit or yelled at by an adult, just because I was doing something they didn’t like.
Did your Fear of Being Seen Syndrome come from someone else who used to tell you in some way “you’re not good enough? you’re not worthy? you don’t deserve to be great? you don’t deserve respect?”

So how do you cure it? Nope. There is no magical pharmaceutical pill to drug you out of it!

When you do cure it, you will notice other people’s behavior toward you changes and so does your whole life! Discovering soulmates, finding my soulmate career, healing my $ wounds, and learning to live the life of my dreams really changed me.
What happened? I cured my Fear of Being Seen Syndrome.


People’s words and attitude towards me shifted after I did, not before!
They went from, “I thought you were a teenager,” to “I thought you were taller until I was standing next to you.” People who hadn’t seen me for six months to a year said, “Wow, you seem different.” I was always a cheerful happy person but they told me, “You seem so radiant and happy. What have you been doing with your life?” People started referring to me as “woman” in speech instead of “girl.” Now I just laugh inside if anyone calls me, a 30 year old woman, “kiddo” because I know they know not what they do on a conscious level.

After healing Fear of Being Seen Syndrome within myself, I am able to see it on others too. Because I know what it took to heal this within my heart, I am able to help them through it.
What does it take?

★ Self Love and Pampering!
★ Self Assertiveness.
★ Telling yourself you can do it, even when it feels like pretend.
★ Discovering when “No” can be an empowering modulation to your life.
★ Believing in your ability to shine, even at things you’ve never done before.
★ Having the courage to be vulnerable.
★ Trusting and acting on your gut feelings that tell you not to do something.
★ Letting your true heart and soul’s desires shine into the world.
★ Imagining you have all the confidence you need when dealing with others.
★ Remembering that what other people don’t like about you, usually has to do with something they don’t like within themselves and vice versa. If you’re “taking it personally” something inside is out of alignment with unconditional love and compassion.
★ Get Support.

Try this:
Get out a piece of paper and write down all the things that happened where you may have caught Fear of Being Seen Syndrome. Places in your life when you felt undervalued, unworthy, disrespected, like your body or your feelings were not honored. Make yourself a big list.
Now: Rip up this list and bury it somewhere special in the soil. Thank these experiences for all their lessons. Say Goodbye. Put your hand over your heart and voice forgiveness to those who have violated your self esteem. Take a deep breath. Live your new life.
Rinse, Repeat if necessary. There are always layers to peel back like an onion.

Comment below if you noticed you also have or have ever had Fear of Being Seen Syndrome. If you’ve overcome it, please share how you did it. If you found the exercise helpful, please share your experience with it.

If I post a selfie now, this is what my friends say. Goodbye Fear of Being Seen Syndrome!

If I post a selfie now, this is what my friends say. Goodbye Fear of Being Seen Syndrome!

I share my story with you to let you know that there is hope. If you need further support overcoming inner obstacles, discovering your soulmate career or lover, and growing abundance in your world please reach out to me. If you have questions or comments, you may utilize my “Contact Me” tab. I look forward to connecting with you.

Goddess Allison

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3 Responses to Fear of Being Seen Syndrome

  1. I loved reading this Allison! I still have fears of being seen and work the energy every day, but it’s getting easier to walk through bigger fears. The tips you shared here ROCK, and I totally agree with self-care and pampering. I have found that grounding in nature really helps me come back and shine bigger and brighter. Lots of love!

  2. Kain Michaelfaber says:

    Wow, this piece of writing is good, my younger sister is
    analyzing such things, therefore I am going to tell her.

  3. Dana Fergerson says:

    I really love your blog.. It’s helped me get through some tough times lately.

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