Cure HPV Naturally Within 3 Months


Author’s Disclaimer: The information presented in this post will probably never be approved by the FDA as an acceptable method for healing, curing, treating, or preventing disease. Nature, herbs, and food are not considered drugs {patentable, marketable healing methods} by FDA standards. According to many standards in the current structures of the medical industry, science, and spirituality of the United States of America, it may be absurd for any one of them to prescribe the intake of food for curing cancer or a virus. This advice is being provided to you by a manifestation mentor who has over a decade of experience and education in the holistic field. You are welcome to take it or leave it. This is what worked for me, and I am freely providing this information to you in hopes that it helps you with your health too. It is important to see your medical doctor in addition.

Medical Disclaimer: The information in this post has not been approved by the FDA and is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease in accordance with the standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration. This information is not being provided to you by a licensed medical or health care professional. It is the reader’s sole responsibility for any risk or benefit incurred after following the guidance presented in this publication, and by reading this post you agree to accept that responsibility and liability.

A written guide on the dietary information being presented here is provided for you below the videos.

Goddess Allison’s Healing Diet

This is my own dietary and lifestyle guidelines I followed to heal this virus for my body. It was a bit challenging for the first month to make this dietary change, but afterwards it was easy and my body no longer craved or wanted to eat unhealthy food. There were times I let myself slip up on my diet, especially for special occasions, but the regular habit of being food conscientious was a beneficial learning and healing experience.
It is up to you to make your own choices about diet and health.

The basic regimen is outlined for you below, but if you would like to download a detailed document in PDF format for Free, you can right click on the button and select, “Save linked file as.”


Make sure your food is organic and minimally processed.
Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids.

~Primarily Vegetables
~Some Fruit
~Some Nuts and Seeds
~Some Grains
~Minimal Dairy
~Minimal Meat
~Minimal Gluten
~No refined sugar.
~No processed food!!!

Eat Plenty of Immune Boosting Foods:

~Kombucha: My new eBook, Compassionate Kombucha, tells you how to make this drink for yourself.
Compassionate Kombucha by CLICKING HERE.
~1 Clove of Garlic per day
~Shiitake Mushrooms
~Turmeric & Cinnamon
~Raw Cacao
~Raw Honey
~Raw Coconut Oil
~Green Tea

Other Herbs and Supplements:

~ 5 vaginal suppositories
(I used Vag Pack by Wise Woman Herbals- you can order online).
~ 800 mcg of Folic Acid per day
(I used the Now brand)
~ Cod Liver Oil
(I used this brand: Carlson soft gel Cod Liver Oil Super 1,000 mg capsules, but I only took one every few days).


~I don’t generally drink, and I have never smoked. I did not drink alcohol during this diet. I would say an occasional glass of wine would be more healthy than most other alcoholic drinks if you like your drinks.
~I was making a big transition in my life, but I would recommend minimal stress.
~Exercise is also good, even if it’s just a good walk every day.
~No sex {I wanted to see if this worked without that factor of risk. When I started my diet, it had been at least 90 days since I had done such a thing anyway, so I figured I was a good test subject to try this out}. I would recommend healthy sexuality and sexual practices for a health and healing diet.

For the third time in my life, I received an abnormal pap smear in late December of 2014- LSIL, positive for high risk HPV.

By April of 2015, when I went for my colposcopy, it was gone. I was on this diet from mid January to mid April 2015.

I did not tell my doctor that I had changed my diet and that may be the reason no abnormal cells were found on my cervix only a few months after my abnormal pap smear. To a doctor, this result is no miracle and disclosing such a thing would probably not be amazing. For the medical world, diet is not related to HPV and this virus commonly comes and goes, but for me this was my cure. I had been dealing with this virus for the past 2.5 years, and I was looking for something to do to just make it go away. If I ever run across it again, I will not hesitate to implement this diet and regimen!

I do not believe there would be any adverse effects in trying it out for yourself. You are more likely to experience health benefits by implementing this diet. If you or someone you know has HPV or a chronic health condition such as cancer, please share this dietary information with them!

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    I don’t just know the reason why some people are finding it difficult to believe that there is a cure for HPV. I have been HPV+ since the last three years with my boyfriend but today i am happy that I cured it with herbal medicine! Don’t believe your doctor when they tell you there is no cure.

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