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3 Month Manifesting Intensive

Goddess Allison is no longer accepting one on one clients for this program and wanted to make this course more accessible.
The contents and education contained in this course are worth well over $500!
This course is now being offered at a drastically reduced price!

NOW ONLY 3 Monthly Payments of $33 or $88 Paid In Full!

Become Your Own Genie and learn how to make your wishes come true!
This digital home study course will help you manifest your desires and create miracles in your life.
Accelerate your journey and manifest in 3 months!

Goddess Allison’s mentorship has helped many people experience healing and manifest miracles into their life- large amounts of money in a short amount of time, find love, live a dream career, overcome self sabotage, heal negative patterns and habits, overcome negative conditions like depression, and so much more. This program utilizes holistic healing, meditation, principles of the Law of Attraction, self subliminal reprograming, and brain entrainment to help you learn how to modulate your reality and experience all your divine desires.

This program was created just for you so you can bring the manifesting magic to the comfort of your own space on your own time.
The Home Study Course has a high replay value so you can use it over and over again for your next big manifestation.

~ Meet Your Soulmate
~ Discover Your Divine Career
~ Grow Your Finances
… and So Much More

Strengthen your will power, hone your imagination, and follow your heart and soul. You will learn:

~ Practical Exercises for Manifesting Miracles
~ Principles of the Law of Attraction
~ The 5 Elements of Manifestation
~ Meditation and Dreamwork
~ How to Utilize Time and Synchronicity
… and So Much More


You Attain A Journal

Please attain a blank journal before beginning your course so you can document your own manifesting progress. Prepare to manifest miracles!



6 MP3 Modules

Each 1 hour class is to be taken every two weeks.

Quizzes6 Self Assessment Quizzes

One quiz for each class allows you to outline your progress.


3 Exercise Summary Handouts

Handouts help refresh your memory of the manifesting exercises given in each class.

Genie Lamp ExercisesOver 30 Manifesting Exercises! 

Practical exercises are given throughout the course so you can have a tangible experience of your manifesting journey. There is so much to receive, heal, and accomplish between courses.



Each course is about 1 hour long and is to be taken once every two weeks. Between each course you will be doing the exercises.
Each course comes with a Self Assessment Quiz.
Since these are digital files, you will make your own schedule and document your own progress in your Manifesting Journal. 

CDsingleWeek 1 – Module 1 : Law of Attraction 101
This is an introduction to the course as well as a basic foundation for some fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction. Whether you are just getting started in Law of Attraction concepts or you are an experienced manifestor, this course will provide clarity and practical exercises to start you off on a divine manifesting journey.
CDsingleWeek 3 – Module 2 : Will Power
Learning to manifest more efficiently can be like learning a new skill. In this course you are learning about some of the most powerful manifestation tools you already own. Your Will Power is an important tool to fuel your manifestations. There are no exams in this course except the ones you give yourself in the test of your own will power. Have you been doing the manifestation exercises every day that you were given in Module 1?
(The handout can help refresh your memory of your funwork).
CDsingleWeek 5 – Module 3 : Imagination
Your imagination, creativity, and passion are important tools that help your desires materialize into manifestations. In this module we do a meditation to exercise the imagination. You are given practical exercises that include dreamwork, creativity, and intuitive development to help you gear up for the next module and your next phase of manifestation.
CDsingleWeek 7 – Module 4 : Intuition and Synchronicity
Intuition and synchronicity are important tools to navigate your reality into birthing your desires. In this module we do a meditation to connect with your higher self. We also learn about how to utilize time to affect our manifestations. You will be given more knowledge of practical exercises and tools that are effective at subliminal reprogramming. As above so below, as within so without. As we reprogram your mind, body, spirit, and emotions into greater alignment with your desired outcome, your reality will have no choice but to follow.
(The handout can help refresh your memory of your funwork.)
CDsingleWeek 9 – Module 5 : Follow Your Heart and Soul
Your heart and soul are a technology of nature. In this module you will be given exercises that raise your vibratory frequency. A happy, healthy, loving Goddess is a more effective, empowered manifestation machine. Let your own inner compass guide your desired outcome into your reality’s experience. Feel the culmination of your efforts throughout this course.
CDsingleWeek 11 – Module 6 : Become One With Your Desire
Celebrate your new life and see just how far you have come over the duration of this course. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Document your miracles and discover your next stepping stones along your path toward manifestation. You may decide that you would like to re-take the course for your next big dream or apply the exercises you’ve learned in translation to your future manifestations. Many Blessings Upon Your Journey!
(The handout can help refresh your memory of your funwork.)

This work has helped many accelerate along the path to manifest their desires and create miracles~

Live A Dream Career
Attain Large Amounts of Money
Find Love
Overcome Negative Conditions and Habits
…and so much more

Heal Mind, Body, & Spirit and engage your energetic matrix for Manifesting!!!

For the first time, this Home Study Course is being released in Digital Format.

This 3 Month Program, with a high replay value, is worth well over $500!

Many have paid more to heal their lives and attain their desires.
There is Magic in Everything we do, including the purchase of your
Become Your Own Genie 3 Month Manifesting Intensive

The Regular Price for this Program is

NOW ONLY $88 Paid In Full or 3 Monthly Payments of $33

Since I am no longer accepting new one on one clients, I have made this
Three Month Manifesting Course available for a drastically reduced price.

Many Blessings to All Your Manifestations!