My $$$ Story Won 1st Place!


I  WON!!!
My story about $$$ Won a Contest! Woo Hoo!!!

The 8 Days of Creating Financial Paradise Contest

This was a contest put on by another lovely Goddesspreneur, Ava Waits, where contestants were asked to submit their best short stories about money, as well as create the most moving Facebook posts. My short story won 1st Place! I want to share this story with you too. We all have our own stories with $.
Here is mine~

My $$$ Story 

Poverty, scarcity, and lack with $$$ is like a drug for which there is no formal rehab program. The worst part is, many of us were born into families and environments already unknowingly addicted to this psychological drug infecting our reality. 

Hi. I’m Goddess Allison. I’ve never taken drugs. However, through my path to financial freedom I have felt heartache, challenge, and after coming clean, euphoria. It’s a path I would akin to financial rehab with experiences similar to overcoming an addiction in my mind and heart, an unconscious addiction to lack, scarcity, and poverty mindset. This is a psychological addiction I was born into so that I could overcome this obstacle and live to tell you my story. 

I’ve never been down to being homeless, but I’d never earned “above the poverty line.” My parents divorced when I was four. There was often fighting and stress about $ during childhood. $ was one of the reasons they split up. Dad maxed credit cards and although he was a business man and owned things like apartment complexes, money was always tight. It felt like there was never enough and sometimes the last cans of soup in the cupboard were what there was to eat. Mom was positively frugal and taught us how to shop, frugally. One time I remember her saying that $600 was all she had in the bank and was a single mom with two kids, she must have been worried. We saved for years, just to go to Disney Land. “We can’t afford” is something I frequently heard in childhood. Tax time was icky in both households. 

 Naturally I grew up, as an adult, with the feelings of never enough surrounding $$$. Strangling feelings when I made big purchases, worry, fears of not enough, and career paths under the poverty line. No matter how much I had in the bank, it always felt like not enough. Sound familiar? I have, at the same time, felt happiness, abundance, and being well taken care of within my “poverty,” but my relationship with this energy -> $$$ did not heal until this year. 

 After deciding that I was going to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a soul mate and doing so in less than three months, my healing with love, particularly self love, took place. Thus followed my healing with $$$, and then my healing into my divine soul mate career. Because I had healed these wounds quickly, I know what it takes, and I became passionate about helping others do the same. I decided to combine my education, knowledge, and expertise I’d gained over the past 15 years to become a Life Improvement Coach that specializes in helping others heal their issues with Love and $$$. In one year I went from 4 figure hippy chick to aspiring 6 figure Goddesspreneur. This healing has led to a mindset, heart space, and lifestyle of true financial freedom, possibility, and paradise that I had never known in all my 30 years of life. My life is a living miracle. Now it’s your turn. I hope our stories inspire you toward your own financial paradise.

I hope my story has inspired you to wake up to the fact that there is hope for you in the world of divine wealth. Ava’s own money story includes going from making about $1,200 per month to all of a sudden making a $17,000 month. How do we do it? Well, the coaches have coaches too. And yes, Ava is one of my lovely mentors to help me reach heights in my Goddesspreneur adventure that, just one year ago, I would have never dreamed were possible for me.

The reason I am a coach~ to help you make your dreams come true!
I want to help you do this in an accelerated transformational way and help you pull through to the light at the end of the tunnel in your issues with love and $.

Ava Waits helps Goddesspreneurs, like me, excel in their divine businesses.
CLICK HERE to listen in on the Teleseminar I was featured in as a result of winning 1st Place!

I know I wouldn’t be able to have accelerated transformational growth upon my path without my mentors. Thank you Ava Waits! Thank you also to Amanda Noelle, Erika Matos, and the 20+ awesome goddesspreneur professors I have at Aphrodite University!

Now it’s your turn. In the comment box below. Please share with me what your biggest dreams are in the world of $$$, and your biggest heartache.

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