There are several services available to you here. Thank You for helping me live my dreams by being in service to you.

Free Services~

Inspirational Newsfeed: A synchronistic reading tool for you! Please leave a comment on the page if you enjoyed your experience using this tool I developed.

Blog: This is where I post articles with helpful tips in healing love and money heartache.

Free Online Classes: I have given free monthly online classes which are available to replay and listen to any time. 

My Books!

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$ Paid Services~

One on One Life Improvement Coaching: Visit my “Work With Me” tab.

Workshops: Bring Me to You, or attend a workshop.

Affordable Website Creation: Have Goddess Allison help you set up your own website.

Affordable Graphics Creation: Have Goddess Allison help you create graphics and logos for your business, products, and marketing needs.

Meditation ToolkitThree 15 minute meditations to Improve Your Life. Listen to one meditation every day, 30 minutes before bed time, for 30 days.
 Self Love and Compassion
 Divine Wealth and Abundance
 Connection With Higher Self