What are people saying about Goddess Allison?

I love traveling and meeting new people. It’s amazing how people’s perspective on their own life changes just by having conversations together. I am so grateful to the bright shining stars I met on my last train trip to the Emerald City from the Ecovillage~

“Wow, you just blew my mind! I think you just broke my reality, but in a good way.”
– Mike, aspiring to monetize his hobby making and wearing “Crazy Hats”

“I think you are a very amazing person!” – Kathy, with dreams of starting her cat rescue business as “Kathy the Kat Lady”

“Now I know why people pay you lots of money for this.” – Stuart, aspiring to live as “Karma’s Bookkeeper”

I Love Texts Like These!- Matt, Harmonizing $Divine Abundance
He received $12,500 of unexpected $$$ to pay off debts and bills.
“Thank you so much! You helped change me.”

Photo by Vance Asprer Photography

Photo by Vance Asprer Photography

  Matt Txt

~ Matt, Fitness Trainer

RobertTestimonialRobert, Soulmate Love
One of the reasons I enjoy working with Goddess Allison so much is because her coaching style is so refreshing. She is direct enough that she can paint a clear path to my goals and yet gentle enough that I always feel safe confiding in her. I left my session feeling more motivated and empowered to manifest the life I’m working toward. I can’t thank her enough for helping me cut through the cobwebs of my own limiting thoughts to achieve the potential that I otherwise would have missed. After my session working with Allison to straighten out my thoughts regarding twin-flame soul mates I had great improvements in my relationship with my partner. The depth and passion between us has reached places I never thought we would see again, and I know Allison’s warm guidance helped to make this possible. ~ Robert, Follow Your Frequency


Meadoe, Divine Health and Body Image

I really benefited from my time with Allison.  Her bright spirit, kindness and obvious enthusiasm for helping me to learn to manifest what I want in my life immediately put me at ease and gave me confidence to trust the process she suggested. She was very skilled at helping me look inside at the various aspects of my life to determine which one I wanted to begin my focus on.  In addition, she gave me a wonderful list of “funwork,” not to be confused with homework!
I’ve happily begun on the exercises she shared with me and I am thrilled to have had her wise counsel in aiding me to focus my attention on manifesting the gift of what Divine Spirit sees my life can be!  Thank you, Allison!
 ~Meadoe, Empathetic Presence

Daniel, 21, College student looking for his Soulmate Job when he graduates in 1 year.

Before Coaching Daniel said: “I was thinking of just going to work at Denny’s or Ihop or something just to make some money before I graduate.”

After Coaching these were Daniel’s words, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I thought that! Now that sounds gross to me. That won’t help me have my soulmate job.”

In just one session, Daniel is making profound shifts in his mindset and in his life.
Just think of what 6-12 sessions is going to do for you!

ILLLY- Founder of Skillly.com, A sustainable media resource,
Harmonizing Time Management