Bi-Weekly Program Outline

Goddess Allison’s 3 Month Bi-Weekly Coaching Program

This is a general outline. Our time together may be adapted to your unique journey.

Before your program starts, acquire a blank journal to write in during our sessions and during the weeks and months to come.

Month 1 ~ Will Power

Week 1, 1st Hour

~Introduction & brief explanation of entrainment process.

Manifesting your vision is like learning to walk. I am here to be your guide, to help you “learn to walk.” Even if you have known about the Law of Attraction for a very long time, your journey can be accelerated when you have a guide.

You will get what you are attracting so first we look at how you may be currently resonating, what frequencies you are currently broadcasting.

~Childhood experiences.
~Past patterns.
~Subliminal Programing.
~Gain clarity on Your Vision.
~Explanation of the “Funwork” Assignments. {Like homework, but more fun.}

It is VERY IMPORTANT to do funwork on a daily basis!

Week 1 Funwork~ Make Yourself a Thank You Card. Take Yourself on a Date. The Vision Board. The Shit List and the Vision List. 5-10 Minute Daily Visioning Exercise. Brainstorm Action Steps. Practice recognizing thoughts, speech, feelings, actions, and insights.

Week 3, 2nd Hour

~ Grounding.
~ Check In.
~ How are you in relation to your vision? What changes have you noticed? What can be improved?
~ Using Will Power and Imagination to create reality.
~ Explanation of the Funwork Assignments.

Week 3 Funwork~ Forgiveness Letter and Gratitude Letter, Clearing Clutter- Physical, Digital, Social. Synchronistic Time Exercise. Characteristics and Qualities List. Make an altar or dedication space.

Month 2 ~ Imagination

Week 5, 3rd Hour

~ Ground.
~ Check In.
~ Meditation: Connection with your inner self, your higher self. Your Vision bubbles and your future frequencies.
~ Explanation of the Funwork Assignments.

Week 5 Funwork~ The Mirror Exercise. Self Love Exercises- Hello My Heart, What Would Someone Do. Self Love Self Care. Goals List. Manifesting Research. Subliminal Re-programming Exercises.

Week 7, 4th Hour

~ Grounding and Check In.
~ Synchronicity and Time.
~ Meditation: Connecting with your vision. Future Self Discovery.
~ Explanation of the Funwork Assignments.

Week 7 Funwork~ Synchronicity Exercise. Future Self Letter. Share the Vision Love. Mindful Living- thoughts, speech, emotions/feelings, actions – in alignment with your new life. Pretending Exercise. Dreamwork Exercise.

Month 3 ~ Heart & Soul

Week 9, 5th Hour

~ Grounding and Check In.
~ Bliss out. Get in the Flow. Go with the Flow.
~ You are the hero.
~ What no longer serves you in your new lifestyle.
~ Explain the Funwork Assignments.

Week 9 Funwork~ Finding time to bliss out every day. Celebrate your new life. Have a manifesting party. Find a Friend Conversation. Brainstorm closing activity.

Week 11, 6th Hour

~ Grounding and Check In.
~ Self Blessing.
~ What has changed? How has this journey been?
~ Closing Celebration/Ritual/Activity.
~ Next Steps.

Week 11 and Beyond Funwork~ Journaling. Wash Rinse Repeat. Next Steps.