WTF! is Mercury Prograde???

You’ve probably heard of Mercury Retrograde as many times as there are stars in the sky, but…

WTF! Is Mercury Prograde
and How Can I Use This To My Advantage?

Mercury Retrograde is typically thought of as an astrological term, but it is also an astronomy term. Retrograde and Prograde motion are simply describing the planet’s movement across the sky as it appears to us here on Earth from our perspective, observing the planet, looking up at the stars.

Facts about Mercury:

MercuryRoundMercury is a planet that is much closer to the sun than Earth is. It takes 88 Earth days for Mercury to complete its orbit around the sun, whereas our year is 365 days. As Mercury is much closer to the sun and traveling around the sun faster than Earth, 3-4 times per year, it catches up to Earth and goes back around the sun. Most stars and planets, including the sun, appear to travel from east to west across the sky.  Three to four times per year Mercury looks as though it is traveling against this flow of the other planets and stars in the sky, because of our point of view from Earth observing it’s orbital motion, and thus we see Mercury Retrograde. What about when Mercury looks like it is going with the flow of the other stars and planets across the night sky, literally, “Going with the Flow!”
This is called Mercury Prograde!

What does Mercury Mean?
Mercury, like most planets, was named after a Roman God. Mercury is the god of travel and messages. It correlates to the archetype of the Greek God of Hermes who goes flying swiftly through the sky with wings on his heals delivering messages. Because Mercury moves so fast it was given a name of this swiftly traveling god. Mercury corresponds to the vibration of communication and travel in our lives. The fact that Mercury goes backwards {during Mercury Retrograde} is an optical illusion that we see from our standpoint on Earth, and thus causes hiccups in communication and travel, even if you are unaware of it’s motion or if you don’t believe in astrology.

What about Mercury Prograde?

CompLadyMercury Retrograde is a time for introspection, precaution, and clearing out the old to make way for the new. When Mercury goes Prograde, or direct, it is traveling with the flow of the other celestial bodies in the night sky. Why don’t you hear anyone talk about Mercury Prograde?! Well, it is because it’s a time for communication and travel to go swimmingly well, and usually people focus on things when they are going wrong. Mercury Retrograde and Prograde is like a cycle, and it is important to recognize this cycle, like night and day or the cycles of each season. Summer is just as important as winter, but people might talk about winter {Mercury Retrograde} because they see things dying and being cold around them, whereas summer {Mercury Prograde} is a time when it’s warm and people are so alive and joyful playing in the sunshine they’ve practically forgotten about winter. Here are some helpful empowering things to do during
Mercury Prograde:

Go with the flow!PhoneGuy
Be direct in your communication.
Get your message out there.
Make new contracts.
Meet new friends.
Discover new customers and clients in your business.
Start writing ~ a new book, new brochures, a new piece of music, etc.
Buy new electronics or cars.
Book a flight, train ticket, or road trip.
Discover a new business partner.
Start learning something new~ how to play an instrument or cook a new recipe.
Make a new website.
Travel to a place you’ve never been before.
Make new videos.

If you’d like to take a class on WTF! is Mercury Retrograde, you can click here to be directed to my free online virtual class.

Dates of Mercury Retrograde and Mercury Prograde~

Mercury Prograde: July 2, 2014 ~ October 3, 2014
Mercury Retrograde: October 4, 2014 ~ October 25, 2014
Mercury Prograde: October 26, 2014 ~ January 20, 2015
Mercury Retrograde: January 21, 2015 ~ February 11, 2015
Mercury Prograde: February 12, 2015 ~ May 17, 2015
Mercury Retrograde: May 18, 2015 ~ June 11, 2015
Mercury Prograde: June 12, 2015 ~ September 16, 2015

If you have more fun things to add that would be empowering to do during
Mercury Prograde, a time for communication and travel, please leave them in the comment box below.

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    This has always puzzled me. Thanks for the info! You don’t sound like a quack. You’re actually a very practical down to earth straightforward person.

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