Soulmate Home Study Purchased

SoulmateHomeStudy copyCongratulations!

You have just taken a big step along one of the most amazing journeys you will experience.

Before you get started there are some special instructions to follow. ~

★ Attain a beautiful blank journal or notebook to use during your time in this course.

★ Schedule each class into your calendar once every two weeks. Each class is about 1 hour long. Find a peaceful place to focus on class. Do Not do other things while listening to class- driving, texting, emailing, etc.

★ It is up to you now. Your dedication and commitment to your path of true love is very important! It is imperative that you do the exercises given and set aside at least 5-10 minutes every morning and evening to do your daily visioning exercise. The more you put into your journey, the better results you will experience.

Right Click on each button and “Save Linked File.” There are two zipped files to download. Files contain, in total, 2 pdf documents and 6 mp3 class recordings.

Package 1~


Package 2~

Coming Soon… Thank You For Your Patience… Please get started with Package 1.

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