My Mission

Why are you called “Goddess Allison?”
It’s a question I’ve gotten quite a few times after shining out into the world.

My Mission is to heal the heartache surrounding Love and Money, to teach other humans how to live as beautiful Gods and Goddesses, Genies, upon this wonderful planet Earth, to have all the Love and Abundance they desire and use it to help make this place a better world to live in for all people.

Me sharing my message on Respectful Revolution .org

Me sharing my message on Respectful Revolution .org

So much of our energy in this day and age is spent “not having enough” in the areas of Love and $$$. These energies have to do with our survival skills. When we are focusing so intensely on how to get these needs met, we are taking away from using our energy in a more empowered way to help other people on the planet. When everyone feels they “have enough” in Love, $$$, and abundance, we will cease to war, toil, worry, doubt, fear, horde, take, steal, cheat, etc and we will GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, being the creationary, innovative, omniscient beings that all humans were born to be~ together.

I have seen and experienced the miraculous healing process of Love and $$$ in my own life, growing from being a heartbroken 4 figure earner into soulmate loves and aspiring 6 & 7 figure earnings. I am helping many others through this healing too. I would love to help you!

If I were to think about our planet today as some kind of organ or organism, I might say that our planet has a bit of an infection or cancer. It’s US! No wonder we are so readily able to manifest these ailments in our own bodies and in our lives- our emotions, our mental well being, our physical well being, and our spiritual well being. The way we live upon and treat our planet is a direct reflection of the way we live with and treat ourselves and each other.

In order to solve the world’s problems of ailments like “global warming,” “poverty,” and “hunger,” we must first change ourselves on the inside to resonate at the frequencies of harmonious climate stabilization, wealth, and abundance. Wealth and Love are not just a condition or state of being, they are a mindset and a heart space. Love and Wealth start from the inside, and are often related even if they don’t seem to be on the surface. 

I help people modulate their lives from the inside so their outer world reflects that of proliferous Love and $$$. How does that work? Well, I help people make quantum adjustments to their frequency so their experiential reality reflects that of their true heart and soul’s desires. If that was too much jargon for you, in essence- I help people turn their lives around. I encourage people to take notice of how they are thinking, feeling, speaking, believing, and acting surrounding the root of their issues, whether it is love, $$$, career, your schedule, your health, etc. How you are currently conducting yourself in the area you desire to change will give you a clue as to what you are creating more of. For instance, if you want to be rich do you go around thinking, speaking, feeling, and acting “I’m poor,” or “I’m broke?” When you want something, focus instead on your desired outcome rather than on creating more of the things you don’t want.

“I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” ~ Mother Teresa