Meet Your Soulmate in 3 Months or Less: Home Study Course

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I know you’re tired of searching. Now your prayers have been answered with this incredible opportunity. Goddess Allison helps you step onto the path toward meeting your soulmate swiftly with 6 Soulmate Manifesting Classes, including over 21 Soulmate Manifesting Exercises in this incredible 3 Month Home Study Program.

This program teaches you~

★ To heal your heartache around love and relationships.
★ To break the undesirable cycle of living your life without your True Love relationship.
★ Wisdom and Insights about how to align with True Love in ways you may not have found anywhere else.
★ How to step out of the dating game and into your heart to attract your Soulmate into your life.
★ How to use your Will Power, Imagination, and Heart & Soul to discover True Love instead of searching and pursuing.

1and2buttonsMonth 1~ Classes 1 & 2

Strengthen Your Will Power, Assess Past Patterns, Align With True Love

3and4buttonsMonth 2~ Classes 3 & 4

Exercise Your Imagination, Connect With Your Soulmate in Meditation, Harness Your Intuition

5and6buttonsMonth 3~ Classes 5 & 6

Follow Your Heart and Soul, Celebrate Your New Life, Enjoy Your Divine Union

This Program Includes 21 Manifesting Exercises to assist you in bringing your true love into your life, using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Goddess Allison has over a decade of experience and education in the holistic field and has successfully taken the soulmate union journey, using the principles of the Law of Attraction, in her own life. Now she helps other people attract their Soulmate as a Soulmate Matchmaker. She teaches you how to discover your True Love like no one has ever taught you before.

How much is meeting your soulmate worth to you?

★ You could easily spend countless hours on dating sites, nerve-racking dates, and searching for love or swimming in heartache.

★ You could easily pay other coaches and professionals thousands of dollars to help you heal your heartache or give you relationship advice.

★ If this is something you have been yearning for in your life and you’ve discovered this program, than magic is happening in your reality because you can’t afford to live without your Soulmate any longer.

This fantastic educational 3 month home study course with a magical manifesting coach, which includes 6 classes and over 21 manifesting exercises, is easily worth more than $800! If you are looking for relationship coaches, they will often charge over $1000 to work with them on a 3 month program!

You will pay less than half of that for this home study course!
Goddess Allison makes it easy for you to study on your own at an affordable price.
She has personally spent over 24 hours preparing this course for you so you can take her coaching program in a convenient, home study package.

Pay Today and Start Manifesting Your Soulmate Now!
$800  $333 USD

If you know you are destined to receive this program, but this amount is truly a hardship for you, please arrange an appointment to speak to me by clicking the “Book Now” Star to the right.

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