What Is My Bli$$ness???

What is My Bli$$ness

Greetings Godde$$es!!!
★ Are you an Aphrodite University student who is wondering or confused about what your Bli$$ness is??? Well I am here to rescue you!
★ Even if you have a Bli$$ness, but you’re just not feelin’ it anymore, I can steer you towards a divine direction.
★ I’m test driving a new service for my Bli$$ness to help people find their divine career, but I’ve gotta have soulmate shining stars to try it out on. AU SeaStar, is this you? I want to help you discover what your Bli$$ness is NOW!

It sucks when you don’t have any idea about what to do or how to start! I know because I’ve been there, but I went like Speedy Gonzales into my Bli$$ness because I divinely learned what my Bli$$ness is early on. I know not all Godde$$es have Bli$$ness lightning and many students feel stuck, lost, and confused about their divine Bli$$ness, even after taking several classes.  I want you to get a jumpstart on your studies at AU and your Bli$$ful Life! I am here to give you personal attention to guide you in a divine direction toward your Bli$$ness. I am test driving this new service, so for now it’s only $33 magical $s! No issues with $ here, even hippy healer chicks can afford that!

I am doing this heartfelt service because I want to support you!

How does this work?

★ You click the link below to Book this 30 minute session with me.
★ Bless Your investment.  $33 Magickal $$$s.
★ Schedule a 30 Minute Session with me where I will tell you what your Bli$$ness is.
★ Fill out a 21 Question survey all about you! You’ve got to fill out the Questionnaire so I can prepare for your session! This is not just another one of those internet quizzes. There’s a divine Godde$$ on the other end, not a computer.

★ I work my Godde$$ Magick.

★ During Your 30 minute Session I give you magical divine guidance about what your Bli$$ness is! I also give you some inside info on what your current life is like “behind the scenes” so that you know what you may want to focus on in school and in life. Woo Hoo! Yep it’s that easy!


{Remember, only you can truly ultimately decide what your Bli$$ness is. I’m here to give you personal divine guidance you might not get in school.}