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I am not accepting new one on one individual clients at this time.
If you are interested in corporate or group coaching, please contact me.

Instead I have made my 3 Month Manifesting Intensive into a digital download at a drastically reduced price!
If you are interested in a 3 Month Manifesting Program please download the

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Please fill out the questionnaire on this page and read the info here before booking your complimentary appointment directly with me. Time is Sacred. This Free Introductory Manifesting Session is for committed applicants only. Thank You!

Are You yearning to Meet Your Soulmate, Grow Your Wealth, or Live Your Dream Career? I am Goddess Allison, your magical manifesting Life Improvement Coach, and I can help you! As a professional genie, I am here to teach you how to make your wishes come true.

A Free 30 Minute Manifesting Session is available for all prospective shining star clients. If you know a little bit about me or if you have explored my website and you are ready to say YES to manifesting your true heart and soul’s desires, than this is the perfect session for you. Wether you are looking to invest in guidance for you personally, your business team, or bring me to you for a workshop or event, I’d love to speak with you!

In This Complimentary 30 minute Session~
~ We have a chance to say hello one on one.
~ We’ll talk about some challenges and obstacles you may be experiencing.
~ We’ll discuss your desires and wishes for manifestation in your life’s experience.
~ We’ll discuss some next steps for you to move forward from having what you’ve got into getting what you want.
~ We can also talk about how we can work together in the future, such as bringing you a workshop or participating in my 3 Month Manifesting Intensive Program. I have several services that can help you create miracles.

Those who invest in themselves, magnify their comfort and abundance in life. Goddess Allison’s guidance has helped many create miracles- manifest large amounts of money, find soulmates, improve health, advance career, and much more. Are you ready to invest your time, energy, monetary currency, co-creative collaboration, and manifestation of your life dreams and desires with Goddess Allison as your guide?

If your answer is YES, please continue. If you are unsure and wish to inquire further and more deeply, please continue and we can discuss together during your session. If your answer is No, this complimentary session with Goddess Allison is not for you- please explore the website for services freely available to you here. 

Please fill out this pre-appointment questionnaire before scheduling your Free Manifesting Session with me. I look forward to speaking with you soon and serving you in the way that is best for you.