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 This Is Your New Home Study Course! It is now available for FREE! Why? Goddess Allison is no longer accepting one on one clients. If you are interested in a corporate/group coaching program or workshop, please contact me.

Humanity in this timeline has all the technology we need to live without money where information, knowledge, and education are freely available and people express themselves and help others based on what they are passionate about.

Since this society in this timeline is still using money, you may utilize my Donate tab if you are feeling called to show your monetary appreciation from your enjoyment of this program. (Even a Goddess has bills to pay in this third density dimensional matrix.)

Your Life is about to change. Prepare to Manifest Miracles!

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pen-and-journal★ Please read the READ ME LETTER that comes with the accompanying documents and attain a manifesting journal before beginning your course.

Become Your Own Genie!
3 Month Manifesting Intensive Home Study Course

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