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Ok guys, I’m a $ manifesting coach, I’ve seen and heard it before. “I really want to take your coaching, but I don’t have the money,” or even worse, people tell me they can afford it and they would like to take coaching, but when it comes time to actually pay, they don’t follow through. I just want my ideal shining stars to be honest and loving with their beautiful $$$, especially when they bless me with it, but I know there are a lot of issues surrounding $$$ in our world today. That’s why I have services for different levels of financial investment, like this complimentary Abundance Toolkit. If you are feeling like you are wading around in your obstacles and blockages with $$$, I made this Abundance Toolkit to help you get started on prospering with $$$, because chances are high that you are doing something right now to hinder your abilities to attain wealth. If you want to find out how I can help you, click “Book Now” to the right.
These tips can also be translated into finding Love and romance, but I’ll let your smart creative brain to the translation.

Tip #1: Wealth is not just a state of being. It is, first and foremost, a mindset and a feeling. If you do not think and feel wealthy, you will never truly be wealthy. This is also the reason we see people in our world do crazy things like- win the lotto and within a few years, lose it all down to right back where they started before they bought that ticket, hoping to score it rich. People spend a lot of life energy doing unreasonable things just because of $$$ or the lack thereof. Learning to truly be wealthy can be like learning to walk- and we all know it probably took you at least a year to do that.

Tip #2: Treat $$$ like it is the vibration of True Love!

Tip #3: Treat your relationship with $$$ like you would treat another person. Love and care for your $$$.

Tip #4: Take a look at your beliefs surrounding $$$. Do they come from a place, first and foremost, of Love, Joy, Abundance, Growth, Creation and Harmony? Or are you instead believing and therefore making decisions based on the perceived lack, scarcity, poverty, constriction, and negative aspects of $$$ consciousness. People tell me, “But Goddess Allison, do you believe that everyone could be wealthy?!” Just like there is enough Love to go around in this world, there is enough $, wealth, and abundance. Sure, not everyone can be wealthy operating from our current mass consciousness surrounding money, but that’s because many people in our day and age are operating from these negative aspects of $$$ consciousness before they are operating on the positive good at heart.

Tip #5: Take a look at your feelings surrounding $$$. How do you feel about your $ now? How do you want to feel? Feel the way you would desire to feel if you had all the $ you want. Your wealth will begin with the feeling you fuel it with.

Tip #6: What would you be doing with your life if $ were not a factor, obstacle, or issue? What career would you have? What would you be doing to contribute to the world and humanity? That’s probably what you should actually be doing. The trouble is, many people do not believe that they can do what they love and be wealthy. Many people have an idea that you have to work really hard for $. This is an illusion, a nightmare to awaken from!

Tip #7: Be grateful for the $, abundance, and wealth you do have. It is very important for obtaining more $. Just like you are more likely to do something for someone who appreciates you, your $ is more likely to bless you the more you appreciate it.

Tip #8: Wear clothes and accessories that make you feel wealthy, awesome, and abundant. Even if it was that $15 shirt from the sale rack, as long as it makes you feel wealthy, is what matters most. Clean out your closet and only wear soulmate clothes that you love.

Tip #9: De-clutter. Clean your house, have a garage sale, tidy up your work areas. The less you have in stuff that isn’t speaking wealthy, useful, and awesome, the more energy you have to focus on actually being wealthy. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A tidy room just feels better, and when you feel better, you feel more wealthy.

Tip #10: Create the way nature creates! Abundance is like growing a garden- it comes in cycles, and may take some prep work and just the right amount of sun, water, and nutrients to blossom a fruitful harvest.

Tip #11: Pretend it until you make it. Constantly use your imagination to imagine yourself into wealth!

I hope you enjoyed my Abundance Toolkit! Please share it with anyone you think would benefit from these tips. If you are interested in participating in a 3 month program to grow your wealth and abundance, please click the purple Book Now Star to book a Free 30 Minute session to discuss your challenges with money and how manifesting magic can help you!

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